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The Necessity of Adapting to Uncertainty in Global Supply Chains
Our group of companies provides management consulting for our clients’ global supply chains. In the modern era, filled with uncertainties such as pandemics, international conflicts, and inflation, the constant change of premises necessitates a continuous review and reconstruction of one’s own supply chain model. Moreover, when uncertain events occur, there are situations where companies must respond to them as risks leading to a downtrend and also opportunities that can bring an uptrend. This underscores the importance of not only anticipating uncertain events but also evaluating their impact on the company and responding appropriately. Therefore, in today’s global supply chains, it is essential not only to respond to uncertain events but also to proactively reconstruct the supply chain itself.

Economic Fundamental: Scarcity Value
As we provide consulting services for our clients’ global supply chains, we have been building strong partnerships with major suppliers around the world since 2009. Our mission has been to provide valuable products and services in accordance with the principle of scarcity, not only offering products that other companies find difficult to source but also considering services that encompass the entire supply chain. In response to the uncertainties of the modern business environment, we have earned the trust of our clients as a reliable partner capable of responding to risks through diversification of procurement, logistics routes, and more.

Challenges of Modern Global Supply Chains
Modern global supply chains are constantly evolving, and new challenges and risks are emerging. In particular, the following factors have increased the need for supply chain reconstruction and risk management:

a. Complexity and Increased Options in Global Supply Chains:
– Technological advancements and the growth of international business have increased the options within supply chains.
– New options bring both risks and opportunities, necessitating a reevaluation of supply chain strategies.

b. Pandemic Risks:
– Pandemics have had a significant impact on supply chains, requiring rapid changes and emergency responses.
– Strengthening risk management is imperative.

c. Geopolitical Factors and International Conflicts:
– Geopolitical factors and international conflicts have introduced unpredictable uncertainties.
– Strategies for diversification and risk mitigation are crucial.

d. Economic Conditions and Competition for De Facto Standards:
– Changes in economic conditions and shifts in industry standards have affected price competitiveness.
– Adaptability in supply chains is necessary.

Our Mission
We are committed to adapting to these changes and supporting our clients’ success. We provide support for the reconstruction of global supply chains, multi-procurement, and the maintenance of competitiveness, offering flexibility and reliability as resilience. Through our international trade services and global supply chain consulting, we look forward to supporting our clients’ businesses and building success together under such external circumstances. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.


– 不確実な状況に適応するためのグローバル・サプライチェーンの重要性



a. グローバルサプライチェーンの複雑性と選択肢の増加:
– テクノロジーの進歩と国際ビジネスの成長により、サプライチェーンの選択肢が増加しました。
– 新たな選択肢はリスクと機会をもたらし、サプライチェーン戦略の再評価が必要です。

b. パンデミックリスク:
– パンデミック(大流行病)はサプライチェーンに大きな影響を与え、急速な変更と緊急時の対応が求められました。
– リスクマネジメントの強化が不可欠です。

c. 地政学的要因と国際紛争:
– 地政学的要因や国際紛争は、予測不能な不確実性をもたらしました。
– 分散化とリスクヘッジの戦略が重要です。

d. 経済状況とデファクトスタンダードの争い:
– 経済状況の変化や業界標準の変更は、価格競争力に影響を与えました。
– サプライチェーンの適応力が必要です。

私たちは、この変化に対応し、クライアントの成功を支えるために全力を尽くしています。グローバルサプライチェーンの再構築 (含む調達先の多様化)、リスク管理、競争力の維持をサポートし、柔軟性と信頼性を提供します。私たちの国際貿易サービスとグローバルサプライチェーンのコンサルティングを通じて、クライアントのビジネスを支え、共に成功を築くことを楽しみにしています。どうぞお気軽にご相談ください。