Company Name: AHA! CREATE LLC

Establishment: March 2009

Representative: Shimon Hamazumi

Honolulu Head Office

95-390 KUAHELANI AVE #3AC-5100 Milliani, Hawaii 96789

TEL: 1-415-513-1241

Tokyo Branch

Group company: World Gate LLC (

Address: #609 2-19-15 Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan 150-0002

TEL: 81-36820-0335


AHA! CREATE Mission Statement


We believe that a diverse society encompasses not only human beings but also the climate, geography, culture, and wildlife of the land. Embracing diversity through trade contributes to the formation of a rich and vibrant society.



We contribute to the formation of a prosperous society by building a global supply chain that includes both consumers and suppliers through the circulation of the world’s limited resources.



– We strive to facilitate stable and sustainable transactions by fostering mutual trust between consumers and suppliers.
– We recognize the importance of respecting all stakeholders, including not only consumers but also suppliers, logistics personnel, and financial institutions, in forming a global supply chain.
– To ensure the stability and sustainability of the supply chain, we will visualize and optimize not only the supply-side chain but also the demand-side chain.
– We pursue not only the individual interests of participants in the global supply chain but also the sustainable success of the entire chain.

– 需要者と供給者がお互いを信頼し合い、安定かつ持続的な取引ができるよう努めます。
– グローバル・サプライチェーンの形成には、需要者だけでなく、供給者、物流担当者、金融機関など、すべての関係者を尊重することが不可欠と認識します。
– サプライチェーンの安定性と持続性を確保するために、供給側だけでなく需要側のサプライチェーンも可視化し、全体の最適化に努めます。
– グローバル・サプライチェーン参加者の個々の利益だけでなく、全体の持続的な成功を追求します。

– 我们努力促进消费者和供应商之间建立互信,以实现稳定和可持续的交易。
– 我们认识到,在形成全球供应链方面,尊重所有利益相关者的重要性,这不仅包括消费者,还包括供应商、物流人员和金融机构。
– 为确保供应链的稳定性和可持续性,我们将可视化和优化不仅供应侧链,还包括需求侧链。
– 我们追求的不仅是全球供应链参与者的个人利益,也是整个供应链的可持续成功。