Global Supply Chain Partner

Global Supply Chain Consulting

AHA! CREATE LLC, established in 2009 as a trading company, is affiliated with World Gate LLC, which provides supply chain consulting services. Through this affiliated company, we focus on overall supply chain management and optimization to ensure stable and continuous transactions.

Reasons to Choose AHA! CREATE as Your Supply Chain Partner

AHA! CREATE LLC thoroughly visualizes the supply chains of sourcing partners to guarantee stable quality, quantity, and pricing. While procurement may be relatively straightforward, maintaining stable quality, quantity, and pricing in transactions is a challenging task. Therefore, it is essential to pursue not only individual aspects of the supply chain but also overall management and optimization.

We undertake the following initiatives in inspecting sourcing partner supply chains:

– Supply Chain Visualization: We meticulously visualize the supply chains of sourcing partners to ensure quality management and supply stability.
– On-site Inspection: Our team visits sourcing partner facilities to directly observe production processes and confirm quality and quantity.
– Management Evaluation: We prioritize dialogue with management and evaluate the financial strength and governance framework of partner companies.
– Financial Capability: We assess the financial strength of suppliers and prioritize transactions with partners with stable financial foundations.
– Quality Management System: We adopt strict quality management systems based on international standards such as ISO certification and SGS, ensuring consistency and reliability in quality.
– Supplier Investigation: We also visualize the supply chains of sourcing partners themselves.
– Production Capacity: We collaborate with partners with abundant production capacity to flexibly respond to large-scale procurements and emergencies.
– Logistics Management: We inspect not only domestic and international transportation management systems but also warehouse environmental facilities, loading and unloading methods, stacking methods, and security management systems.


We promise to provide clients with stable quality continuously by thoroughly investigating the supply chains of sourcing partners from management and financial perspectives.

However, we also respect the business of our suppliers and partners. Therefore, we ask our clients to comply with agreed-upon transaction procedures with suppliers and partners.

We appreciate your understanding that transactions are made possible by a good relationship of trust between suppliers and demanders.

For inquiries about a partnership with AHA! CREATE LLC, please feel free to contact us. We promise to respond promptly to your needs.