With offices in Hawaii, USA, and Tokyo, Japan, we have extensive experience working with valuable suppliers of real assets, including commodity assets, around the world, providing rare opportunities for our buyers.
As the market trends today, as liquidity eases policies by governments, large amounts of cash are pouring into the market, and fintech can encourage consumers to use and/or invest in cryptocurrencies.
There is also concern about inflation after the market recovery from the pandemic-induced shutdown.
This trend suggests that real monetary values may decline while real asset values may increase rapidly. You can imagine what $50 was 30 years ago compared to today’s market value. So $50 is a totally different value.
To get to the heart of the theory, not just economic simplification, market prices are determined by supply and demand (D&S). Of course, if the supply exceeds the demand, the value will fall. So D>s will definitely increase the market value.
We create and keep our eye on the global market for real assets, striving to build and maintain connections to seize opportunities with simple fundamentals.

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