Since 2009, we have been making connections with our respectable business partners regarding commodities. AHA! CREATE, LLC, a trading company in Hawaii and Tokyo, is actively looking forward to meeting with valuable buyers for the following products, and please understand our philosophy and procedure listed on our company profile to respect our valuable suppliers as well.


■ Real Assets


Minerals are the smallest unit of the earth that is visible to our naked eyes. Many rare minerals create jewelry value. Until now, human beings have been founding the mysterious beauty of transparent minerals and making them into gems and jewelry to bring their brilliance to their hands.

Thorough our trading business, we only focus on how to deal with scarcity value commodities and assets, so that we have several unique and special connections for some Gemstones, but also select whether the gemstones provided through our connections have rarity values in the market as asset value.

Please refer to below which type we can provide as a loose gemstone;

  1. Jadeite
  2. Ruby
  3. Sapphire
  4. Spinel
  5. Red Coral Tree

Luxury automobile

■ Industrial Commodity



■ Food Commodity

Edible Oil

Frozen Meat (Frozen Chicken parts)