We strongly believe that our solid terms and procedures will enable us to provide optimal quality, stable supply, and secure transactions for long-term relationships.

The reason is that larger suppliers, companies & factories, tend to comply with their procedures systematically and legally. Please imagine that almost all manufacturers are IPOs and they have audits and strict regulations.
It might seem to be good for customers to respond flexibly in a procedure, but as a result, we often hear and see that the flexible supplier cannot supply or suspend in the middle, and unfortunately, buyers and suppliers waste their valuable energy and time and never deal in trust.
Please understand the following procedure well and respond accordingly. We strictly specify our suppliers to provide their trust and capability. Moreover, our financial partners can ensure that we supply from the best suppliers.




1. Buyer Issues Letter of Intent (LOI *templateWord / PDF). Please be aware that the Buyer’s LOI must be addressed to a specific company name from the end-buyer, not intermediate.


2. Seller Issues Full Corporate Offer (FCO). At this stage, the buyer and seller can discuss the terms and other conditions.


3. Buyer Issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO). the ICPO released by the Buyer should be reflected upon the result of discussions on the FCO.


4. the Seller issues the Draft Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA), and the Buyer reviews the draft SPA to execute for the final check from the Buyer. The Buyer can sign and seal on the SPA as the mutual official agreement.

5. The Seller signs and seals on the SPA and it back to the Seller.


6. The Buyer bank sends the seller bank thePOF (Proof of Funds), the Selling bank sends the POP (Proof of products) to the Buying Bank.


7. The Seller now issues Pro forma Invoice to get the Draft Standby Letter of Credit.


8. The Buyer provides the Draft of Documents of Credit via Bank to Bank to the Seller for getting approval from the Seller Bank.


9. The Buyer’s Bank sends the Bank guarantee (BG), to the Seller’s Bank.


10. Upon receipt of the Operative Document of Credit, the Seller starts the loading procedures of the goods within mostly 15 to 30 working days depending on the products.


11. Once the loading is completed, the Seller’s Bank sends copies of Shipping Documents to the Buyer’s Bank.


12. The Buyer’s Bank releases the full payment of the first shipment value by MT103/TT at loading port within Five (5) banking days AFTER receiving the original of the BL and SGS and the FULL set of Shipping Documents.


13. The vessel leaves the port of loading towards the port of destination.


Refunding policy in trust

We have a solid 110% refundable insurance policy in which the buyer’s funds will be reimbursed to their account if the supply of the merchandise does not meet international standards or if we do not deliver your order in the agreed time. We will refund your payment or provide you with new quality products that meet your standard if you prefer. Our refund policy has built trust with our customers. Trading in so many countries and cultures requires deep business understanding and empathy. In the end, negotiating is always a matter of trust.