Luxury / Vintage Automobile

Our pride is that all of our automobiles are INSPECTED with our checklist before shipping them around the world.

■ No inspection in an engine room on an auction in Japan

Do you know that nobody figures out the real condition of automobiles at auction in Japan?

The slip was written by the seller’s declarations to the auction and indicates some points such as;

  • Type of model
  • Registration date and year
  • Mileage
  • Basic equipment and options
  • Color
  • Exterior condition
  • Sterling
  • Appeal points
  • Evaluation points

Do you feel to import such non-inspected automobiles from Japan? We can check the engine sound and exteriors in the auction hall. However, before bidding and bringing it to your place, nobody knows what the real conditions are included:

  • DAMAGES in an engine room

■ Our inspection system

We provide our original inspection system in our professional factory in Yokohama, Japan.

  • official Japan mechanic licenses & electrician certifications held in our professional teams.

■ handled items

Our connections in the world are not only auctions in Japan, we also deal with collectors, individual holders, dealers, and other affiliated business partners. For your reference, we deal some below automobiles;

  • Ferrari
  • Bugatti Chiron
  • Porsche
  • Japanese vintage cars (Toyota/Nissan)

■ Procedure

Please follow our procedure and/or inquiry us.